Makeup Monday |Quest for Plump Lips Part III

It has been a while since I purchased a lip plumping product I’ve been dying to use! I wanted to test the plumping ability on a one-time usage as well as the plumping effect over time. I tested this product on my lips every day for an entire week, to see what progress it makes, if any, on a long term basis. So today I am going to break down my thoughts and feelings on the Too Faced lip Injections Ultimate Lip Plumper. Does it work?


You tell me!


I think I am convinced! The progress I’ve seen in a week of applications is undeniable. While this product is great for a quick plump before an evening out, it also has lasting plumping over time. I’ve applied it before bed, on top of a lip balm, just to keep them moisturized. I definitely see the results I was after!

The product does have a slight tingling, almost burning sensation…which sounds awful but it is definitely manageable, and the little discomfort subsides within 10 minutes! The formula is pretty sticky, so I recommend blotting it prior to a lipstick application, if you’ve applied it on a night out.

Ultimately, I really do enjoy this product. I see the results I want, both immediately and over time. The product retails at $29.00 CDN and is available at Sephora! They do have a newer product called the Lip Injection Extreme, and that is $39.00. I haven’t tried it, so I cannot say for certain that it does more than the original Lip Injection does, but if it works as good as the original, it is probably worth the money too.

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blushing bride.

Makeup Monday | Quest for Plump Lips – part I

There’s no way around it- I want plumper lips! So, I’m on a quest to achieve the appearance of plump, pouty lips WITHOUT lip injections, because no thanks. So, my first attempt was to just master the illusion with the power of makeup, and more specifically- lipstick. Heres what I did:

step one:
Line your lips with a nude lip liner. I slightly over lined mine and corrected any areas that are not naturally symmetrical on me (like my cupids bow).

step two:
apply your nude lipstick, and blend it in with your lip liner!

step three:
take a darker lip liner now, and pucker up! You are going to draw lines to emphasize where your lips crease. I draw three on top and three on bottom. (see photos 3 & 4)

step four:
blend those darker lines into your lipstick, and you can even add just a light layer on top with the lipstick.

step five:
add a little gloss JUST in the center of the lips.

BOOM! Plump lips!

This was just my first option for having plumper lips. I’ve got plenty more ideas to achieve this look, so stayed tuned for more ideas in the very near future! If you have any ideas for me to try, comment down below!

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blushing bride.