ThursDIY | Floral Wall Decor

I just wanted to share this with y’all and quickly tell you how I put it together! I didn’t take step-by-step photos this time because I didn’t know I was going to even make this ahead of time, and it really was just so painfully easy! So, without further ado, the things you will need are:

  1. rustic photo frames (you can purchase them already distressed, or distress them yourself!)
  2. artificial flowers
  3. scrapbook paper
  4. scissors
  5. hot glue gun & glue

All you have to do is choose the scrapbook paper you like, cut it to size of the picture frame glass, and place it in the frame. Pick the flowers from the stems and with your hot glue gun, glue them to either the surface of the frame, or the paper (which you’ve placedĀ in frontĀ of the glass so you can reuse the frame in the future if you wish! It really is that simple! Just have fun with it and here is a tip: place the flowers where you think you want them and play around with it a little before going in with the glue! You want to be sure you know where you want them beforehand! Then, you just go ahead and place them any way you want on your wall! Done.

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ThursDIY | Mouse Pad

Coming at cha with a new DIY! This one is quick and easy and it really adds some personality and style to your office space and computer desk! Since I’ve purchased my dream computer, I’ve just stacked my notebooks to serve as a makeshift mouse pad. I just felt that it wasn’t doing my desk justice what with the beautiful new equipment it was sporting. So, I dove head first into my craft supplies and came back up with little breath left and some cork and scrapbook paper in hand!

The things you will need are:


  • cork sheet
  • scrapbook paper of your choice
  • scissors
  • I used a bowl to trace the shape and size I wanted
  • paper craft glue
  • paint brush to apply the glue


Step One
Cut your cork sheet into the shape you want your mouse pad to be! I traced a bowl but you can obviously use whatever you want, or just eyeball it if you a gangsta.


Step Two
Now trace your cut out cork sheet onto the BACK of the scrapbook paper (just so you cannot see any pen markings on the nice designed side of the paper). If your scrapbook paper has intricate designs, be sure to plan out what part of the image you want to be displayed on your mouse pad before you cut! I forgot to pay attention to that, but luckily it worked out nicely.


Step Three
Paint some paper craft glue onto the cork sheet. Make sure you really get the edges of the cork so the paper doesn’t lift over time and usage. Careful not to use too much glue, it can cause your paper to get a little damp and create ripples.

Step Four
Gently lay down your scrapbook paper on top of the glue and press firmly down. The cork sheet is a little thin, so I laid some heavy books on top of the mouse pad to keep it from bowing up. Let the glue dry for several hours before running your mouse all over it!

That’s all there is to it! I think it looks absolutely perfect on my desk with my floral notepad and screensaver, of course! I’m so excited to implement this DIY mouse pad to decorate my desk for all the seasons and holidays throughout the year! It is just one more detail to add to the whole look of your home office (or Hobby Room as I call mine).


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