Dedicated to experiencing a beautiful DIY wedding, this site is a community for all of the creative brides, learning as we go, to achieve our own versions of the perfect day, with the intentions of continuing to create long after we say “I do.” You’ll find tips, ideas, tutorials and stories! Whether you want a grand audience, a modest dress, or intimate setting on your special day, you’ll feel right at home here as we learn how to plan a wedding together, right from the very beginning. Not planning a wedding, but want inspiration for DIY projects and read about beauty, health and lifestyle? You can find that here too! Whether its seasonal decor, items you can display all year round or makeup tips and tutorials there is something for everyone.

Launched in July, 2016, shortly after my handsome man proposed to me, I was immediately plotting to achieve a DIY wedding that we could afford, all the while keeping it beautiful and classy. The only problem was, I didn’t know how to plan a wedding. So, I decided to learn, and document every aspect of my experience so you can learn with me, and from me.

What, exactly, are we learning?

Glad you asked, girlfriend! We’re learning how to plan and follow a reasonable budget for a beautiful wedding, choose colours and venues that match the personalities of the bride and groom, stay organized, create beautiful decorations that will wow our guests, and enjoy every aspect of planning a wedding, because quite frankly, my dear, I don’t believe in stress,and I wouldn’t make a convincing bridezilla. Since I’ll be having a rather long engagement due to my fiance’s journey at the RCMP academy, we’re going to keep the creative juices flowing and do both seasonal and everyday DIY projects year-round on this blog. And, in effort of complete transparency, we are also learning that love conquers all… and that when things don’t go our way, puppy cuddles and a cup of tea can often help if not completely fix the problem.

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Who is the mastermind behind Blushing Bride DIY?


Another great question! You’re on a roll. Currently based in La Loche, Blushing Bride DIY was founded by Stephanie House. Third person aside, I was born and raised in St. John’s, Newfoundland, which is where I first met my handsome husband-to-be, Kyle. We were acquaintances in high school, but drifted apart thereafter. It wasn’t until he had returned to his hometown of Long Beach, Mississippi, that we rekindled a friendship over the internet, and in no time at all, I had fallen in love. There is a lot to our story from then and now. Moving to the United States to be with him in 2013, moving back to Newfoundland together in 2015, and everything in between. When Kyle proposed, I realized very quickly that I didn’t know the first thing about planning a wedding, especially one that would be affordable! So, I took to the internet to inspire women like me, who wanted to accomplish a DIY wedding, but didn’t quite know where to start.

Start here, with me, from the very beginning to our happily ever after.