2017 in Review

At the end of 2016, arguably my best year ever, I reflected on the year in great pride and positivity, and can honestly say that I carried that attitude into the beginning of 2017. I predicted that 2017 would bring me great adventure and challenges, and I was definitely right about that. While 2017 didn’t exactly bring one happy event after the other as 2016 seemed to do, there were definitely a handful of learning experiences and changes everywhere I turned, and at the very least, it kept things interesting.

2017 was both harrowing and beautiful. It has taken me to places I never imaged I’d be and shown me experiences I couldn’t possibly make up. Within the first two months of the year, Kyle had graduated from RCMP Depot and we packed up our dog in our car and drove over 6000 kms to our new life, where I learned that not everywhere in Canada has got it good, that -25 degrees is considered mild, and that no matter what I did, I had to save the dogs. The rescuing dogs part – that has been the source of so much stress, pride and happiness and as I continue to change lives one fur baby at a time, it becomes more and more rewarding. Aside from rescuing dogs in need, I adopted two more into my pack, Leyna in March and Mauser…well whenever he chose us…sometime between March and August. Adding those darling dogs into our pack has created so much extra love in our hearts and it has been worth every moment and potty training accident. I’ve had to adjust to life as an RCMP spouse, and I’m learning the ropes on living so far away from family (and civilization).

While most of the events of this year may sound thrilling or come across as adventurous and fun, 2017 was one of the most challenging years I’ve had. It forced me to not just find strength but create it from the underbelly of my soul. It compelled me to believe that I was capable, just to prove to myself that I am. 2017 showed me hard times I’ve never known to demonstrate that I can conquer them and even showed me glimpses of the future, in effort to instil hopefulness within me for the happiness that lies ahead. I’ve learned that self doubt gets me nowhere, that taking care of myself is of the upmost importance (and I need to do better), and when my plate is piled high, I can handle it. I’ve learned the significance of saying NO, and will be implementing that immediately (as to not pile my plate high). I have learned that some people just can’t be helped and that for some people that’s all they need, and determining the difference is essential. I am learning to just relax and enjoy the little things, and to have more patience with the ones I love when I’m having a bad day – the day will pass, but hurt feelings take longer to heal. I’ve always known and have been shown again just how unconditional and boundless a mother’s love is. I also know that I really need to finish planning our wedding…

It has been a whirlwind of a year and I’m taking a lot away from the 365 day experience. So, I welcome 2018 and all the happiness, challenges, adventure, and surprises it has in store for us.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!

blushing bride.

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