Wedding Wednesday | To Do List Update

Ok, you guys! Let’s just chat for a minute because my head feels a little like it is about to explode. There are some days where I feel like I am on top of everything. That the wedding planning is going so smoothly its almost planning itself…or is it? Days like today I feel as if the whole thing is falling below my ears! I get overwhelmed thinking of all the things I need to accomplish in one year – all while being half way across the country. So, I just wanted to share my updated Check list, remind myself what I have already accomplished, and visualize what more needs to be done.



  • Set the date
  • Set a budget
  • Create wedding planning binder
  • Choose bridal party (not yet announced) 
  • make bridal party proposal gifts
  • Choose color scheme
  • Research ceremony venues
  • Research reception venues
  • Choose ceremony and reception venues
  • Rent necessary equipment (tent, chairs etc)
  • Book photographer
  • Book officiant/commissioner
  • Create a guest list
  • Order the Save the Dates
  • Make wedding dress appointments
  • Order Groom’s attire
  • Send out Save the Dates
  • Plan floral bouquets
  • Plan DIY Décor
  • Order invites
  • Send invites
  • Order wedding cake
  • Make hair and makeup appointment
  • Dress fittings
  • Obtain marriage license
  • Choose / make wedding favors
  • Make wedding décor (guest book, centre pieces etc)
  • Write vows
  • Make final payments
  • Make bridal party gifts
  • Plan bridal shower
  • Schedule Ceremony rehearsal
  • Schedule Rehearsal “dinner”
  • Book plane tickets

I am happy to report that there are a few more strikethrough lines than my first checklist post! Since last time, I have booked my photographer, created my guest list, chose my adorable Save the Dates, planned and organized my thoughts for the DIY decor, and booked a beauty guru for hair and makeup for myself and my squad. I’m hoping to book my marriage commissioner within the next few days and I am working on my bridesmaids proposal gifts when I return home from a trip to the city this weekend. I also need to turn my mind to ordering a wedding cake very soon, and renting the equipment needed for our backyard ceremony.


Wedding planning is no walk in the park, and there is a reason most brides joke (at least 50% serious) about giving up and eloping! There’s no denying that it gets super overwhelming, and while everyone says “it will all come together” I know I am not the only one at the risk of losing sleep over the big day. I’m extremely lucky to have such amazing parents willing to help in every aspect because Lord knows I could not accomplish this without them. Another saving grace is the online community for local brides in my area (or my wedding’s area) and I’ve found great information and answers to all of my questions there.

I’m just ready for the day to come when I can put on my beautiful dress, tell my handsome man that I will love him forever and dance the night away with my favourite people in the world. That’s what I want this wedding to be.

As always, thanks for reading! If you have any suggestions on how to keep my cool, or any items on my list that I’m forgetting, comment below and don’t forget to like and share my post before you leave.

blushing bride.


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