Makeup Monday | Cleaning Your Brushes

A few weeks ago I talked about my tips on taking care of your skin. I mentioned the importance of keeping your brushes clean to prevent breakouts and protect your flawless skin. Today, I’m going to explain the ways I like to clean my makeup brushes and give you some tips along the way.

As I have mentioned before, it is important to clean your brushes to remove old makeup, oil, dead skin, dirt and bacteria – which all cause breakouts and issues for your skin. You really should try to deep clean your brushes once a week…in the perfect world. I won’t lie to you, I don’t do this…I should, but I don’t. I try to spot clean my brushes once a week, and deep clean them once a month.


Spot Clean

I like to spot clean my brushes once a week with rubbing alcohol. This insures that I am disinfecting my brushes but the drying time is very short, so I don’t have to wait for my brushes to dry and I can use them the same day if needed. To spot clean your brushes, you simply pour some rubbing alcohol (I recommend 91% alcohol, but where I live I can only access 50% alcohol for undisclosed reasons…) into a small dish, dip your brush in and allow for the bristles to absorb the alcohol, and then lightly swirl your brush on to an old, rough towel until the brush is clear of all product. Eye brushes usually dry almost immediately, and larger face brushes take between 20 and 30 minutes to dry. This is a great way to quickly remove the nasty gunk from your brushes, but I don’t recommend doing it any more than once a week, as the alcohol can dry out the bristles of your brush and over time ruin it.

Deep Clean

Once or twice a month, gather all of your brushes and prepare for a deep clean. There are many ways to do this, but I’ll explain my favourite way to wash my brushes. I take 2 parts antibacterial dish soap (Dawn is great, as it is gentle) to 1 part extra virgin olive oil into a small dish. The dish soap will disinfect and remove dirt and oil, while the olive oil will condition your bristles, keeping them nice and soft. Swirl your brush into your mixture and then, using a textured surface like a rubber pot holder or even a textured rubber glove or oven mitt, work the bristles of your brush around in circular motions, lathering as much as possible. Rinse your brush under running water, at a downward angle, until the water runs clear and there is no more product on your brush. When you set them down to dry, it is important to rest them so the bristles are pointing downward, otherwise the excess water from the bristles will run back to where the glue is holding them into place, and could loosen the glue causing your bristles to fall out. I recommend leaning the brushes at an angle against a rolled up towel. Another option is to rubber band them to a flat standing surface, like a cutting board.


Another way to deep clean your brushes is to take a bar of unscented hand soap, like Dove, and swirl your brushes directly over the bar, rinsing the same way as above. You can add a drop of olive oil onto the soap if you want to insure your brushes are conditioned, but I tend to just use the soap on its own. Again, allow them to dry with the bristles facing down!

There are so many different ways to ensure your brushes are being cleaned properly and you can find great ideas all over the internet! Find what works for you and try to commit to taking great care of your brushes, in turn taking great care of your skin. If you have any ideas on how to clean your brushes, please comment below, I would love to hear from you.

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