Makeup Monday | Weekend Splurge First Impressions.

Happy Monday everyone! I’m just getting back home from a quick visit to Saskatoon and while a weekend away is a much needed break, it leaves me sitting here on post day trying to deliver worthy content to my loyal readers. I really wanted to do a review on the new products I picked up while in the city, but I don’t think it would be fair to use them once and give you my opinion, so that will have to come next week! I can, however, give you my first impressions on the products I purchased this weekend that I am most excited about!

First, let’s just talk about it! I absolutely adore festival season, for reasons such as this! My unicorn headband is so painfully trendy but I can’t get enough of it! It makes putting on my makeup on a Monday even more magical! (I typed in “fun” there but I couldn’t pass up the alliteration and pun, duh) I also picked up this adorable iridescent floral headband too, for a Tuesday or something. #noshame

Now thats out of the way, lets get on with it, shall we? The first product I picked up that I am beyond excited about is the Nivea 2-in-1 Moisturizing Primer. This is appealing to me for a few reasons. Firstly, in effort of complete transparency, the only reason I stumbled upon this product at all was because there was a 1 dollar savings coupon for it, stuck on the front of my Nivea makeup remover wipes! You know me (and if you don’t:) I love any type of savings! Another reason I am intrigued by this product is the claims. “Enriched with Vitamin E and Natural Lotus Extract, provides and even and smooth base for effective makeup application and helps your makeup look great for longer, instantly absorbs thanks to its ultra-lightweight texture, non-greasy formula provides long-lasting moisturization and a fresh skin feeling.” Uh, YES PLEASE. Here in northern Saskatchewan, we have what they call “hard water”, not to mention the fact that in the winter it is extremely cold, and all year round the air is just dry in general. Needless to say, anything that claims to moisturize my skin is worth trying. For those of you wondering, hard water is water that contains high mineral content, which can cause your skin to feel dry, itchy and irritated. The minerals can strip the moisture from your skin and prevents your body’s natural oils from doing their job to keep your skin feeling and looking healthy. Back to what I was saying. Nivea’s 2-in-1 Moisturizing Primer claims that it will do exactly what I want it to do. Here are my first impressions, as I used it this morning. I’ll start with the packaging. I am a sucker for white and blue, so they’ve won me over there, but I am used to primer being packaged in a tube for easy dispensing, so the crock packaging is something I will have to get used to. Next, the smell. It has a pleasant odour, but anyone with sensitivity be careful. The product itself jiggles when you move the crock. (so thats fun…). It definitely felt lightweight when I applied it to my face, and I could feel the moisturizing properties in it. It was cool and soothing on my skin and dried nicely, without my skin feeling tight, or tacky. When I applied my foundation, it blended evenly and my dry patches were not visible. My first impression of this moisturizing primer is that it is a total HIT! I love it so far and I am excited to find out how my makeup wears throughout the day! (Stay tuned for upcoming posts where I reveal my final thoughts.)

The next product I want to talk about is the Tarte Cosmetics Tarteist Pro To Go mini eyeshadow palette. I found this little guy while waiting in the checkout line at Sephora. (of course, all those little goodies entice you to spend even more of your hard earned cash!) I have the Tarteist Pro palette and absolutely love the shadows and their formula so I didn’t hesitate to grab this cute mini. I like the size of these small palettes because I am often traveling out of town now and its awesome to be able to stick this in my overnight bag and feel confident that I have enough to create a few nice looks while I’m away from home, without taking the contents of my vanity! The amazonian clay formula makes the shadows feel so creamy and soft and of course the palette gives off a nice scent of vanilla, as most Tarte products do. The colours inside offer you a few different options for a complete look without having to dip into another palette. They are soft, creamy, easily blended and very pigmented, which is everything you want in an eye shadow. For the look I’ve achieved in the photo, I used the shade “drive” for my transition shade in my crease, and added the shade “stylin” in the outer corner crease for dimension and depth. I packed the shade “dominate” on the lid (with a little help from Mac Fix+) and with my finger I just tapped a little of the shade “hype” on the centre of my lid for good measure.


I’m totally happy with this product, and although this is a first impression, I can recommend this product to you with complete confidence that you’ll love it! Oh, as a side-note, the palette was $30.00 CDN, and as there are six shades within, that breaks down to $5 a shadow and that, I assure you, is worth it. #notsponsored #iwish

Moving on!

The final product I want to talk to you about was the reason I went to Sephora in the first place. It is the Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder in the shade Highlight-01.


Before I continue, consider yourself forewarned, this item is pricey. Which is exactly what Kathleen Lights warned me of before she talked about it in one of her videos. But oh my God y’all this is it. This highlighter achieves such a perfect, natural looking glow from within, but can be built up or paired with another to create the intense strobing, blinding highlight that is all the rage right now. I am obsessed. It is the highlight I am wearing in the photo, and I love the subtle glow it gives my skin when the light catches it.  It’s soft, creamy and blends effortlessly. It has a faint smell of…I can’t put my finger on it…cinnamon hearts? Anyway, its a fabulous product, and one I intend on reaching for quite often. I’ll be sure to get my money’s worth out of this one. Damned you, beauty guru, for you were right and I am broke. (Fear not, readers. Next week, I will discuss affordable highlighters that I am equally obsessed with).

I always have to save up my dollar bills for a trip to Saskatoon, as I have nothing available to me here at home, so I get my hands on absolutely everything I can! These are just some products I was extremely happy about picking up this weekend, and I have to say that my first impressions on them are exceptional! I hope you are encouraged to try new products (not necessarily the ones above) because you never know what you’ll absolutely love (or hate).

As always, thanks for reading!

blushing bride. 

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