Wedding Wednesday | To Do List

I’ve just started planning the big day…and it is safe to say that I am already completely overwhelmed! They don’t prep you for this in the movies! But, I know that people plan weddings everyday, and so I start with what I know: making lists. I’ve made my basic checklist outlining the bones of the wedding planning process. I have too many sub-lists to count, but I wanted to share with you my Master List, if you will. I plan on sharing this list multiple times throughout the planning process, to help you visualize where I’m at with respect to the planning stages!


  • Set the date
  • Set a budget
  • Create wedding planning binder
  • Choose bridal party (not yet announced) 
  • Choose color scheme
  • Research ceremony venues
  • Research reception venues
  • Choose ceremony and reception venues
  • Rent necessary equipment (tent, chairs etc)
  • Book photographer
  • Book officiant
  • Create a guest list
  • Order the Save the Dates
  • Make wedding dress appointments
  • Order Groom’s attire
  • Send out Save the Dates
  • Plan floral bouquets
  • Plan DIY Décor
  • Order invites
  • Send invites
  • Order wedding cake
  • Make hair and makeup appointment
  • Dress fittings
  • Obtain marriage license
  • Choose / make wedding favors
  • Make wedding décor (guest book, centre pieces etc)
  • Write vows
  • Make final payments
  • Make bridal party gifts
  • Plan bridal shower
  • Schedule Ceremony rehearsal
  • Schedule Rehearsal dinner
  • Book plane tickets

As you can see, I’ve made very little progress thus far, but I kind of feel like I am on pace. The wedding date has been set, the budget has been decided on, we know exactly who we want to stand beside us on the big day and we know where both the ceremony and the reception will take place! I am lucky in that Kyle is very easy-going when it comes to the wedding planning, so as long as I just run my ideas by him he’s satisfied. He does have an opinion about how he wants the day to turn out (as it is just as much his day as it is mine) so I am grateful that he throws around ideas and suggestions too. We have been working on our guest list together and while I thought Kyle wouldn’t want much to do with any of the planning, I am so thrilled that we are working together on this.

I am getting married in my hometown but I currently live some 6000 kms from there, so I am relying on the internet and my wonderful family and friends to help pull this thing together from the home front as well!

A tip I have for anyone who is about to start planning their wedding and doesn’t know exactly where to start is: ask someone! I took to Facebook and I am so thankful that there is a Facebook Page dedicated to brides from my hometown. These woman (and vendors) share experiences, ideas, questions and suggestions about absolutely everything you can imagine and I found a lot  of answers to my very first questions just by searching the content of the page! I also sent a message to a friend of mine from High School, who is currently planning her big day, which is just around the corner! She was super helpful and it was so much fun talking about her ideas and the issues she’s overcome while planning! Luckily one of my BFF’s has also planned her wedding and at around the same budget as I intend on having. She was super helpful when I needed a quick answer via text message about venues and alike. You are the bomb, Em. My mother has also spent hours on the phone with me as I worked out possible venue issues and we bounced alternative ideas off each other (with input from my dad!) Shout out to Chelsea too, who is so completely enthusiastic about my day, sending photos of bridesmaids dresses and taking me to task on choosing a bridal party dress website for my girls to purchase from! (Needless to say she’s on her feet that day in a beautiful navy dress *wink*). She’s experienced in being a bridesmaid, and has already made good pointers that I hadn’t even considered. Thanks girl, you rule.

It is super important to stay positive and upbeat when planning your wedding! I vow to do this with as little stress as possible, so making my list was the first step in pushing out the overwhelming feeling and replacing it with pure excitement.

I hope my list is helpful to those of you at the same stage as I am with planning! It is going to be a lot of work, but with my wedding binder, endless list and so much help and support, I think I can pull this off! Stay tuned for all of the DIY projects and decision making posts to come, and watch for my To Do List posts, so you can stay up to date with the progress I’m making! I’ll be breaking down how I chose my budget, venues and everything in between. Stick around!

As always, thank you for the love and support. And please, for the love of all things holy and good in this world, comment down below if there’s something I am missing from my master list! I need all the help I can get.

blushing bride.

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