Makeup Monday | Flawless Skin

18118912_10155294287636204_3091255557917731219_n“Your skin looks flawless! What makeup do you wear?” I’ve gotten that question on a scattered occasion and my answer will forever be the same. My two-part reply contains this information: 1. ‘Looks flawless’ is much different than actually flawless. 2. Makeup doesn’t matter if you aren’t taking care of what’s underneath. While my skin is the absolute furthest from flawless and I do rely on my makeup application to enhance my features and minimize my problem areas, it is practically impossible to give the appearance of flawless skin if you aren’t taking care of your skin. Here are my 10 tips for taking care of your skin!

  1. Wash your face!

This is probably the most important tip of all. Everyone knows that this is important, but some people still don’t do it. It is simple. Wash your face twice a day. Take two minutes in the morning and two minutes at night. Call it your “you time” if it helps, but just do it!

Washing your face in the morning refreshes your skin and preps it for the day! Because I wash my makeup off at night, my face is makeup-less in the morning, so I wash my face in the morning during my shower! The hot water opens up my pores for a deeper clean. PLEASE for the love of all things holy and good in this world, do NOT shower with your makeup on! For the same reason: your pores open up in the hot shower water, and if you are wearing makeup you are only pushing the dirt further into those pores!

Washing your face at night is extremely important, and if you could only wash your face once a day I would say do it at night! For anyone who wears makeup, I plead with you to never go to sleep with it on. Now, I know that I am fighting a difficult battle, as most people I know admit they don’t take their makeup off before bed. They are too tired or lazy or they forget. Will you forget this? When you fall asleep with your makeup on and your face unwashed you are sleeping with all the dirt and pollution your face has collected throughout the day – gross! It also ages you beyond belief. If you find yourself constantly forgetting to wash your face, keep a package of makeup remover towelettes in your nightstand, so when you have that moment as your head hits the pillow when you think shit. my makeup…but I am SO tired… you can just reach in there and grab a makeup wipe, to at the very least get that dirt, grim and makeup off your beautiful skin before getting your beauty sleep.

  1. Moisturize!

Moisturizing your skin is also a very important step in the skin care process! You want to avoid dry skin because it ages much quicker than hydrated skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are more apparent on your skin when it isn’t adequately moisturized.

  1. Exfoliate!

Exfoliating removes dry and dead skin cells to reveal new ones, which leaves your skin looking more alive, eliminating a dusty look on the skin. Exfoliating helps when applying makeup, as it will melt into your skin as opposed to sitting on top of the dead skin and flaking off. It is important to remember to find a gentle exfoliating regime for your face. A great tip is to soak a washcloth in very hot water for several minutes and then, once you’ve squeezed ALL of the excess water out, lay the washcloth on your face. The steam opens up your pores and lifts the dead skin as well. You can then very lightly swipe the washcloth around your face to remove the dead skin cells.

  1. Face Masks!

Using face masks once a week is another great tip for healthy looking skin! Not only is it great to pamper yourself on a regular basis (because hi, I’m a queen) you can also choose a face mask that attacks your problem areas of the skin. You can choose a deep cleansing mask, hydrating mask, brightening mask, you name it there is a mask for it! It feels amazing and does wonders for your skin.

  1. Be gentle!

Always treat your face like a fragile flower. Never use harsh products, and avoid products that have alcohol content as it can really dry out your skin. It’s always good practice to use lukewarm water instead of hot water when applying water directly to your face. Try not to tug or pull on your skin. That’s a tough one for me as I find myself getting a little rough when washing my face sometimes, and also when I am applying certain eye makeup. I have a bad habit to tug my eye when trying to achieve that perfect wing. I’m working on it! (the wing liner and the tugging). When you are applying cleansing products, always work products into the skin in an upward motion to avoid any sagging!

  1. Drink your effing Water!

18215953_10155312457951204_286501451_oThis is just a great idea in general! This is something that is completely overlooked when people are trying to get healthy in all aspects. Drinking enough water is essential for your body. Drinking water hydrates the skin, flushes out toxins and is overall a great habit to get into to promote a healthier you. Challenge yourself to drink 2 liters a day! My mom does that all the time. If she can do it, we all can! It helps to get a really cool water bottle so you don’t mind reaching for it every 10 seconds!

  1. Keep your hands to yourself!

Stop touching your face. I struggle with this one. For some reason I am just a face toucher. Not only does it remove your makeup and leave it in a patchy mess, but it also transfers oils, germs and bacteria onto your skin and that is straight up disgusting. It’s another thing I am working on.

  1. Clean your Makeup Brushes Regularly!

This is another one people don’t often do. I get it, it can sometimes be tedious to wash all of your brushes, and then having to wait until they are dry. I promise it is completely worth it. It will help your makeup application, as it isn’t holding on to old dried up product, which can make it impossible for a flawless looking finish. Dirty brushes hold oils, germs and bacteria (much like your filthy hands) and using those dirty brushes just pushes all that nasty into your skin. I recommend giving your brushes a light clean (use rubbing alcohol) every few days and a deep clean with a cleaning solution and vigorous scrubbing once a month!

  1. Know your Type!

Everyone has a type. In this case I am talking skin type. Some people have oily skin, some have dry, and some have a combination of both. It is important to know what skin type you are dealing with so you can equip yourself with the proper products. I have dry skin, so I use a liquid foundation with a dewy, luminous finish. People with oily skin tend to use more powder based products and lean towards a matte finish foundation. There are a lot of powder products I use on a regular basis including my bronzer, blush, highlight and under-eye setting powder. I use a finishing spray to remove the powder look to my skin and to melt all of my makeup onto my face. It locks my makeup into place all day too! (As long as I’m not touching my face, of course…)

  1. Beauty Sleep

It’s a real thing. A good night’s sleep is essential to healthy looking skin. The most human growth hormones are released into the bloodstream while you are sleeping. It is important to get plenty of rest to rejuvenate your skin every night. As a side note, stress can cause breakouts and diminish your skin’s glow, so take time to de-stress on a regular basis too!

So there you have it. Those are my tips for achieving healthy skin and that flawless look. My skin has its issues, and I am always trying my hardest to get it looking as healthy as I can. I hope some of these tips were helpful for you. Comment below if you have any other tips for me to try in my journey to the perfect skin!

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