Hard Times in the Maritimes!

My intention was for my new post to be about the wonderful experience I had while attending the RCMP graduation and the interesting things I learned during my short time at Depot…but it was also my intention to be back home in Newfoundland yesterday morning. It seems plans have changed!

While my story of the RCMP graduation in is the works, I thought now was the opportune time to fill everyone in on my riveting journey home! It’s kind of a funny story, but mostly I just need to talk about it and get it off my chest! For those of you who follow me on social media, you know that I left Regina on Tuesday evening. You’ll also know that since then, I’ve had two flight delays and three flight cancellations, leading me to be stuck here in Halifax since yesterday morning.  Aside from the fact that after an incredible time in Regina I am ready to get home and reflect on my trip, I also have a million and one things to accomplish at home before the move to Saskatchewan (the “Big Move”). I am missing my final two days of work as well, and given certain circumstances at work, this is really putting stress on my employer, as my resignation date is effective tomorrow, and I’ll still be here in Halifax. whoops.

It has come rather clearly to my attention that there are some things in life that you will never be able to control. To name a few, you cannot control the weather. You cannot control an aircraft’s ability to take-off and land in certain conditions (even if you are a pilot, which I am not), and you cannot control the number of seats on a plane. What you can control, however, is how you choose to deal with it. Let me make myself perfectly clear: I’ve had my melt down. I’ve thrown myself a pity party and, in the words of my sassy southern sister-in-law, I’ve raised all manners of hell. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I decided it was time I choose to accept it. I must accept that I am stuck in Halifax again tonight, and that my flight for tomorrow is not guaranteed either, as I’ve come to learn that anything can happen. I am not in any way happy about this situation, but I’m kinda forced to deal with it. So, I’m staying calm like my momma, staying positive like my dad, staying sassy like my sister-in-law, finding the silver lining like Emily, distracting myself with Chelsea’s exciting news (of a new home!) and staying happy because my man is now an RCMP Constable!

I’m blessed to have a place to stay while being stuck in a different province. My family always comes through for each other, and I am incredibly blessed to have those kinds of people in my life. Also, though I feel the slightest bit of guilt for the inconvenience this has caused my employer,  let’s be real: who doesn’t like missing a day (or two) of work?! While the list of things to do before the Big Move grows,  I still have access to internet and computer and can accomplish some things on my list while I am waiting to get home. Another aspect of this that takes some of the frustration away is that regardless of when I get home, Kyle won’t arrive until February 19th, so whether I’m counting down the days at home or here in Halifax, the time is passing by and I’ll soon have my man beside me, preparing for a roadtrip of epic proportions!

Sometimes, you have to count your blessings, find a positive (even if you really have to dig for it) and just deal with it. I think that is a good lesson to carry in all aspects of your life. Though you cannot always control a situation, you can always control how you deal with it. It may sound cliche, but it’s the truth. The quicker I learn to shut down the pity party and regain focus on the positives, the easier it will be to accept disappointing situations. I’m always learning about myself and how to become a happier, healthier person. This was just another little practice test on how to cope with frustrating circumstances.

I’m happy to report that by the end of this post, I’m now sporting my signature smile and laughing this off! So, what’s there to do in Halifax during a snow storm!?

blushing bride.

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