2016 Christmas Greeting Cards

In 2014, while living in Mississippi, Kyle and I walked to the beach with Maisy, my camera and tripod in tow in hopes of capturing a few photos to use for our Christmas cards. We hadn’t done it before, and because our resources at the time were painfully limited, we tired our best to get worthy snaps. Kyle kept me calm through my frustrations and after about an hour of countless different poses and angles, I was satisfied with the result (or was tired of trying). The greeting cards actually came out to be pretty adorable, and remain some of my favorite photos of us to date. (see below!)

Naturally, when we returned to Newfoundland in 2015, we wanted to do it again! (At least I did!) The weather wasn’t cooperating for outdoor photos and time was of the essence, so one of my best friends, Chelsea, and her man Richer, came to our apartment and took some photos of us in front of our little tree. I’m going to take this opportunity to thank Chelsea and Richer for their patience…it was touch and go with Miss Maisy to say the least! Once again, our Christmas cards turned out to look pretty cute, and I ended up loving the photos.

This year I knew it was going to be a little different, being that Kyle is half way across the country. A family photo just wasn’t going to happen this year and I had to get my head around that in a hurry. So, I came up with another way to achieve an equally as wonderful family Christmas greeting card despite our distance. I made myself and Kyle a sign each, One that said “Merry” and another that said “Christmas” and sent one to Regina to him. The idea was simple, get a photo holding up the sign! Kyle is extremely busy at Depot, and I knew it would be a struggle for him to arrange for someone to take a photo of him, so I kept it simple! I took a selfie with my “Christmas” sign one morning before work, outside by our evergreen tree while Maisy ran around for a minute of fresh air. Kyle took a selfie with his “Merry” sign after class in his pit (dorm room). I found my favorite photo of Maisy sitting pretty in the green grass, and viola! Our 2016 Christmas card photos were created! I took to Vistaprint and found a layout that couldn’t have been more perfect, ordered them in a hurry (as I was far too late in the game to order regular shipping) and I scored a great deal on 30 Christmas cards as they were 50% off. What a steal! I always encourage being creative and finding unique ways to achieve whatever project you are working on, and it definitely helped in this situation.

I am beyond happy with the results, and once again despite the odds, we have a beautiful Christmas card to send out to our family and friends, albeit a little late. It just goes to show that there is always a way, no matter the distance!  So, to wherever you are from wherever we are: Merry Christmas and  the warmest of wishes!



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