A Box of Christmas Cheer

I’m so excited that I can finally talk about this! As most of you know, Kyle is currently at the RCMP academy in Saskatchewan. Given that he is enduring some pretty tough training and has been away for a few months, I wanted to surprise him with a little bit of Christmas to keep him going for the month of December! So, I planned a box of Christmas Cheer and created his very own Advent Calendar of gifts. I wrapped 24 gifts for him to unwrap one a day until Christmas Day. He only received it three days ago so I can’t give away all the goodies he’s going to unwrap, just in case he actually has time to read this post! However, I can reveal what three little “happys” he has opened already and give you some ideas to achieve your own Box of Christmas Cheer!

box of cheer.jpg

Let me start by saying that most of the 24 gifts resemble what you’d find in your stocking on Christmas morning. This made it so that I could afford all 24 gifts, with some big surprises scattered throughout that he won’t be expecting! I started planning this in September, and slowly purchased a little at a time, so it wouldn’t burn a hole in my pocket all at once. As I said before, there are a few presents scattered throughout that are meant to be bigger, more significant gifts, so I was sure to label each present with a sticky note to remind me what was inside. That way, when I had all 24 gifts, I was able to write a list of what order I wanted him to open them in, so that the big gifts were spaced out nicely.  Once I determined what order the gifts are meant to be opened in, I started making my own gift tags, to write the date on each gift! I used Christmas scrap booking paper, twine, scissors and a hole punch to create the gift tags. I used red and green markers to write each day of December on the respective gifts.

Once the box was ready, I used my typewriter to type a little message to him, and explain what he’s just opened and what to do with it! I also used a little washi tape to decorate the inside flaps of the box. I didn’t take a photo at the time but asked Kyle to take a quick snap of it, which I’ve added below!


So far, Kyle has only opened December 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th, which means he’s opened 2 medicated Burt’s Bees chapsticks on December 1st (his favorite brand), he opened a Tim Horton’s gift card on December 2nd, shaving cream and a razor on December 3rd and tonight, December 4th, he opened a pack of peanuts! Again, I am not going to write a list of the other gifts I included as I don’t want to ruin any surprises. If you want to know what else he’s opened throughout the month of December, leave a comment below and I will include what gifts he opened at the end of my upcoming posts over the next few weeks! There are so many ideas for this Box of Cheer, and I suggest picking up things that the recipient would like. Favorite candies or snacks (non-perishable), favorite beauty accessories (for a female), wardrobe accessories, the list goes on! No really, it does:

  • gift cards to his/her favorite places (restaurants or retail stores)
  • travel sized cologne
  • car freshener
  • wallet
  • mini screwdriver set
  • manicure set
  • nail polishes
  • money clip
  • deodorant
  • shaving cream / razors
  • Christmas ornament
  • note pads
  • makeup
  • flash light
  • books
  • earbuds
  • phone case
  • mittens, hats, scarves
  • underwear
  • socks
  • magazine
  • small candles
  • wrist watch
  • FOR KIDS : coloring books, dinkies, legos, toy figurines, stickers, bubbles.

 A great resource if you start to run out of your own ideas is to search online for a list of stocking stuffer ideas! For the larger, more significant gifts, just include what you’d purchase for them to go under the tree and add it to the box!

Another idea is to create a themed basket of gifts, or instead of a full 24 days of gifts, just do the 12 days leading up to Christmas instead! I chose to do 24 days, because when Kyle gets home for Christmas on December 25, I can have the 25th gift waiting for him when I pick him up at the airport! This box of cheer will get him through the entire month of December leading up to his short little visit back home.

This was an extremely fun thing to put together for the man I love! If you recreate the Box of Cheer in any way, be sure to show me! Use the hashtag #holiDIYswithsteph on instagram so I can see! Don’t forget to comment if you’d like to know what else Kyle has opened for next week’s post.

Thanks for visiting!


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