DIY Glitter Reindeer Frame and Christmas Hacks!

Well, another week of November zoomed past and its time for a new blog post! Today I’m showing you how to make a simple Glitter Reindeer Frame, which makes for a great decor piece anywhere in your home, and I am also talking about some Christmas hacks you can try to make Christmas that much more spectacular!

DIY Glitter Reindeer Frame

You will need

  • an 8×10 photo frame (old, unused or purchased at a dollar store)
  • scrap booking paper or wrapping paper, in the color and pattern of your choosing
  • hot glue gun & glue
  • scissors
  • embellishment ( a flat ornament – I got the reindeer at Dollar Tree while in MS)

Step one
Take the back of the photo frame off, and take out the glass. (If there is a mat or a fake photo inside, put it to one side. you can place it back in behind the scrap booking paper at the end).

Step two
Use the glass to trace the size onto the paper you chose. I recommend tracing the line on the back of the paper so any lines don’t appear on the pretty patterned side. Once you’ve traced it, go ahead and cut it out!

Step three
Put the frame back together, adding your paper, but make sure your paper is in front of the glass, so that it is exposed.

Step four
Take the embellishment of your choice and glue it to the center of the frame and you are done! I’m not kidding.

The green themed frame was crafted by my friend, Chelsea! I love the pattern she chose for hers! You can customize yours however you want and that is the beauty of this DIY! Options are endless! I estimate the cost of this project is around $5.00! It can be accomplished for even cheaper if you use a frame you already own and if you have paper and embellishments already in your inventory! Quick tip about the frame: because you aren’t utilizing the glass itself, you can take the paper and reindeer out after the season and reuse the frame again!

Christmas Hacks!

Hack #1 – Make a Plan! 

If you’ve seen my first wedding DIY, where I make my own wedding planner, you can probably guess that I love to plan things…probably more than I like actually doing those things! This hack is basically suggesting the same concept. I’ve taken an unused binder I had laying around and put it to good use! I took to Pinterest and what do you know, I found some free worksheet printables for Christmas! I even found some cute binder covers as well. I printed the ones that were relevant to me and slipped them in the binder.

Some worksheets I used were the Christmas card list, the Christmas gift budget and I also printed the Christmas decor inventory list. That may sound crazy, but as I have mentioned before, this is a great way to see what you have to avoid double purchasing items. Its also a great way to see what you can re-purpose! Blankets can be turned into pillow covers, tree ornaments can be used in DIYs. It helps to save $ when you are on that budget (as I always am).

Hack #2 – Pinocchio the Tree – Make it look REAL

I’ve always had artificial trees growing up and I love that you can have it year after year! As I said before, I am on a budget, so the trees (yes I said trees…I have two) I have are pretty inexpensive and kinda look skimpy out of the box. (As seen in the first photo above). Trust me when I say that they look amazing if you show them some TLC! One of the most unforgiving aspects of an artificial tree is often the trunk! A tip I recently learned was to wrap thin (dollar store) garland pictured above, around the trunk of the tree, spreading some limbs to disguise the otherwise cheap and fake looking trunk! I do believe that this is a stroke of genius! While an artificial tree is usually easy to spot, at least this hack makes your tree look full and beautiful albeit coming straight from a box! You can see how much fuller my tree looks in the third photo above! My hope for you is that you discover this hack before your tree is decorated like mine was! It’s a little more tricky to wrap the garland around when you are trying to avoid the baubles, trust me!! (But it can still be done!) Another great idea to make your window sill or fireplace mantle garland look realistic is actually using real yard trimmings and stick them throughout the garland!

Hack #3 – Smells like Christmas! – DIY potpourri 

“One man’s toxic sludge is another man’s potpourri” -The Grinch 


Sometimes there is no better way of describing a smell than saying “it smells like Christmas”. Now, I love Bath and Body Works holiday candles as much as the next human being, but sometimes I just don’t have the coin for that! That’s why I love this DIY stove-top potpourri! I’ve been making this since the first Christmas season I spent in Mississippi. It is so easy! You add orange slices, cranberries and some cinnamon (sticks or just powder) into a pot of water, let it sit and simmer on your stove and breathe in the smell of Christmas! The cinnamon sticks would make for a prettier, Pintrest worthy photo, but I recommend just using what you have! That’s all I ever do!

So, there you have it! Those are some of the ideas I have for making my Christmas even more spectacular than it already is. If you like what you’ve seen and recreate any of these projects, I want to see! Be sure to follow me on Instagram @blushingbrideDIY and use the hashtag #HoliDIYswithSteph so I can admire the cool things you’ve done! Thank you for visiting my blog, and stay tuned for next week’s post! It’ll be the last post of November and I’ll make it count! As always, keep creating!


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