USA and Canada Christmas Haul!

My mind has always switched to Christmas pretty early…and if I’m being completely honest, I guess it doesn’t really ever switch off! As I said in my previous post, I am a Christmas Elf and I’m good with it. 

I have been on the hunt for affordable ways to decorate my home for Christmas. Ever since September, when small bits of Christmas items began sneaking their way onto store shelves, I’ve been accumulating my stash. What I was most excited about though, was traveling to the states and finally getting to take advantage of the beautiful items at the Dollar Tree! 

Since it’s only the first week of November, and not as many people are on my level of full blown Christmastime I’ll take things slow and start with sharing with you some of the beautiful things I’ve found on my hunt in hopes of inspiring you to get to your dollar stores and begin creating! (Side bar: You’ll have to excuse the potato quality of photos…I am working from my iPad, as I shipped my laptop to Kyle to use while at the academy. Also, this is my first post of this nature, so I’m still learning. Be kind.)

Dollar Tree!

Let me start by saying this haul had to be limited as I needed to fit it in a suitcase with all my belongings to get it back to Newfoundland. I’ll continue by saying: Glitter Galore!  So much sparkle. One of the most popular comments regarding Dollar Tree glitter items is that there is an extreme amount of fall out. I’m glad I watched YouTube hauls before purchasing because that tip prevented me from getting glitter on everything in my suitcase. I put these items in plastic bags for the travel home, to contain that fall out. Another tip I want to share with respect to the glitter items is spraying them down (outside, or in a vented area) with some hairspray. It keeps the glitter in place, making it easier and cleaner while doing projects, and its an inexpensive item you usually have on hand.

So, as you can see in the photo, I definitely favoured the glitter Reindeer. They are going to be great for some DIY decorations I’m working on. One of which can be seen in the background, the framed reindeer! More to come of that! I also picked up some large sleigh bell ornaments, which haven’t been used for a project yet. Also worth mentioning is the adorable mailbox shaped tin can! This is going to be great for Christmas Cookie gift giving.

Now, since I purchased these items back in October, there wasn’t a huge selection of Christmas items out.  For anyone in the US right now with access to a Dollar Tree, I recommend taking a visit. You’ll be surprised at the beautiful things available that you can use to decorate your home on a budget. Go to a Dollar Tree now. Do it for me. I miss that place.


There is a lot of fun stuff available here in Canada too, at Dollarama. This is a great place to pick up your standard Christmas baubles for a good price. I plan on using a lot of baubles this year in my home decor so I am glad I have a place to get them at a reasonable price! They also have more specialized baubles, like the elf themed baubles shown in the photos! I also found this really pretty green glitter Christmas tree with little red pearls. This is just a sweet little stand alone item to put on a nightstand or beside another item as an accent. Another great find was discovered by my mother actually, and those are the red candle holders. They have what looks like a forrest of tree trunks etched all around the sides of them. I am lead to believe this is actually a Halloween piece, as these holders came in orange and black as well, but I thought the red was so pretty and will look great with a candle burning inside, and placed beside my stack of Christmas books on my nightstand. I picked up some red burlap, which I will use to decorate my kitchen cupboards this year. Those spools are $1.50 and is 2.7 meters of ribbon. It also is wired, so it’s great for forming bows. Speaking of bows, I picked up three large red burlap bows with a snowflake pattern, also to be used on my kitchen cupboards! I added to my craft supplies some bells and decorative jewels to jazz up my makeup vanity too! The Dollarama has a lot of really beautiful items, but I will say it is more pricey than the Dollar Tree in that most items are listed for between $1.50 and $3.00 each. (Keeping in mind the exchange rate and cost of living, its still a great deal!)


Let me just talk about Michael’s quickly. I love the 2 for 3 section at the front of the store! This gift wrap is $1.50 each, and it has 15 ft of paper! It’s 20 inches wide, which I  like because it’s easier to wrap with, and there is less waste when wrapping smaller gifts. The patterns are super cute and I have used them for DIY projects as well. Also found at at the 2 for 3 section are those cute decorative clothes pins, with little Christmas Trees and Snowflakes (glittery of course) and the 6 pk of Christmas cards which read “Tis the season to be jolly” in gold foil. Precious! I also picked up this handsome ceramic Nutcracker for 50% off and this 180 sheet pack of Christmas themed, 12×12 scrapbook paper, using a 50% coupon! Michael’s always have great sales, and right now, Christmas decor is 40% off, and ornaments are buy 1 get 1 free! Always keep an eye on what deals they have running.

I’ve hauled a lot from Walmart lately as well, Christmas lights and an accent pillow, things of that nature. There is honestly so many great things out there to buy, I’ve got to constantly remind myself not to get crazy! So, I plan on taking an inventory of what I have, so I can see what I still need and avoid double purchasing certain items.

Next week I am going to talk about great ways to decorate on a budget, tips for planning ahead and how to make your home into a Christmas wonderland! Stay tuned. 

blushing bride.

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