DIY Engagement Party


An engagement party is an event that brings all of your friends and family together to celebrate the exciting times ahead! My mom and dad hosted our engagement party on Saturday night and what a phenomenal evening we had!  I had a vision that my talented mother brought to life and the food, provided by my father (and jambalaya made by my mother-in law), was exquisite! It took a lot of preparation and planning, but it came together perfectly and I could not have asked for a more successful night! Here’s how I (along with a lot of help) pulled it off!

In order to achieve this perfect event, first thing is first – get a pen and a notepad and make your lists! Mom and I had a lot of conversations about what we’d like to do, decorations we wanted to make and themes we’d like to present, but nothing was really accomplished until we started writing it all down. So that’s my first tip!

Depending on what type of budget you have, you’ll need to choose a venue. This was a simple decision for me, as I am always trying to save money for the big day! My parents graciously offered to host the occasion in their lovely home! This meant the venue was low cost ( try free) and quaint and comfortable! After you choose the location of your party, you can decide how many people you can/want to invite!

Once again, I suggest putting this list on paper! That way, you can see all the people you want to invite, and it is easier to pinpoint who you’ve missed! I had several people look at my list, to make sure no one was forgotten. A fresh pair of eyes usually does the trick. As this was a low-key party, I kept the method of invitation simple. I created a Facebook event with all of the party details! Some of our desired quests didn’t have a Facebook profile, so we reached out to them via phone calls and word of mouth! it worked perfectly! Everyone got an invite and we were so pleased that most could attend!

Next comes the fun part!

We chose to have both an indoor/outdoor event! We wanted to be able to offer our backyard as more space, while keeping the majority of the festivities and food inside. Given that we live in Newfoundland, and the weather is the least bit predictable, we made sure we had options and prepared for an entire indoor party. Luckily, the sun was shining and it was a nice warm summer evening! We set up ring toss in the garden and my father had a fire going later in the evening. The menu was a large selection, including salmon (that my fiancé caught himself), chilli, jambalaya (made by the southern bell herself, my mother-in-law), wings, croissant sandwiches and so many other finger foods! Not to mention all the desserts! There was something for everyone. We also planned a lot of sweet little things the guests could do. Here are all of the activities we had for the guests!

Selfie Station!


We made this cute little sign on a canvas painted black and white vinyl! We had “selfie sticks” and wide angle lenses laid out with instructions on how to use them, along with some really amazing props that were printed and cut and attached to a dowel! Of course you can’t have a photo booth without a feather boa, silly glasses and some top hats too! For fun, I included an instagram hashtag so that I could see all of the fun snaps people took! It was a total hit! Everyone had so much fun, and because this was set up in my old bedroom, it was away from the crowd and people were more conformable and open to letting lose a little! There’s a little tip! you’ll get some hilarious photos! Mom and I created a great backdrop for the photos, using robyn egg blue and gold streamers! We found this great tutorial online and it cost me $5!

13925119_10154462417521204_7260802452417164199_n             13934980_10157299528730084_8857549182018642684_n

(here’s the link for the backdrop)

“Letter to the Couple”


As seen in the photo, in lieu of a guest book, we asked everyone to fill in the blanks of this letter, adding their own personal flare and place it in the basket! We laid out some pens and a basket for them to place their letters in! It was a success! There were some funny and witty ones and some heartfelt lovely ones too! Everyone was able to go in different directions with the letter and they all seemed to have fun doing it! Here is what the letter said:

Dear Stephanie and Kyle,
When I heard about your engagement I shouted ________!
My advice for a ________ marriage is to always _____________ and never _________.
For “Date Nights” go to __________ or ____________, and don’t forget ______________.
10 years from now, I hope you ______________ and ______________ one another.
I wish you both a lifetime of ___________.
Love, _______________.

Date Jar


 I loved this idea and I was so pleased about how it turned out! Once again, this sign was created with vinyl and my mom’s skill with the Silhouette Cameo. Artsy House Designs is run by my mother and she really brought ou cute rustic theme together! Guests wrote a fun date idea on the stick and place it in the jar! We had some really great ideas shared with us! It is going to make a great keepsake and will help us greatly when Kyle and I are relocated elsewhere in Canada by the RCMP! This will help get us out of the house and exploring a new place! And the jar looks great on a shelf!

“His and Her Favorites” Candy Bar


Now this was a hit! Kyle and I chose some of our favorite sweet treats and filled jars with them! Mom and I found those sweet chalkboard signs at the dollar store, painted the bases with gold glitter and added the words with white vinyl. Adding some burlap added to the rustic look and the K & S light up letters were a gift from my cousin that just suited this space so perfectly! We had favor boxes to the side for guests to fill up at the end of the night! Love is sweet.

The party was a great success, full of laughter and good vibes. So many people came to celebrate with us and we couldn’t be happier. Kyle and I want to sincerely thank everyone who came along, and for all of the kind gifts! We are very grateful to have people in our lives so caring! We had an amazing time at our party and it was a fantastic send off for Kyle, as we left for the airport only hours later. Here’s to many more celebrations to come!

blushing bride.

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