The Proposal

Some dream of an elaborate gesture, in front of an audience at a fancy restaurant, or written in flowers on the ground miles below you as you are skydiving with the love of your life. Some dream of being surprised by a flash mob, with strangers singing Bruno Mars “Marry You” in the middle of a theme park (cringe). Then there are some who dream of a quaint and quiet expression of love. An intimate moment in time, wherein the event is so subtle and at the very same time resoundingly significant that you can almost feel the slight shift in your universe. At least that’s how it felt when Kyle casually and oh-so-effortlessly dropped to one knee on a cloudy Sunday afternoon.

Let me back up.


There is a place on this island where the sun is always warmer, the grass is certainly greener and the only sounds you hear outside are not the bustling of the city but the  waves rolling onto shore. This place, idyllic and beautiful, albeit unknown, is home to my darling  grandparents and a place I spent many a summer afternoon basking in its glory. This place has always been my calming escape and the host to many happy moments. This story depicts the happiest of them all. The beach, keeper of my many secrets, was the solid ground beneath my feet and the ocean the backdrop for the beginning of our story.

It was Sunday morning. My family were preparing for an afternoon in Chapel Arm, as we do every Sunday. To be perfectly honest, I had awoken in a foul mood straight away that morning, as I had negligently laid in the sun too long the afternoon before and was burnt to a crisp and in serious discomfort. Usually, I am a complainer. I have a degree in complaining. On this morning, however, with the encouragement of my mother (who happened to know the events for that day), I told myself that though the sunburn was painful, it would heal. Since my grandfather’s passing, only two months ago, I had promised myself to always enjoy and embrace my days in Chapel Arm. So, I forced myself to deal, threw on a maxi dress and a ball cap and carried on, oblivious to what my day entailed.

moments before he popped the question

He suggested a walk on the beach with our dog Maisy, and even though I was in a dress and sandals and in no state to venture across the garden, I happily agreed. (once again, impressively not complaining). Maisy lead the way as always, dashing hundreds of feet ahead, somehow smelling every blade of grass and grain of sand along the way. As she ran wild, chasing seagulls into the ocean, Kyle told me he loved me, as he so often does. Before I knew what was happening, he dropped to one knee.

the exact moment.

As embarrassing as it is to admit, I freaked out! I did exactly what I said I would never do and asked the very stupid question “are you serious?!” and then proceeded to take the ring from his fingers, shout “of course!” and slip the ring on my finger myself! The poor man didn’t even have a chance. I forced him back up on his two feet and leaped in his arms.  It felt like the whole world stopped for a moment. Nothing else seemed to matter and it was just me and Kyle and the rolling waves. So, it goes without saying that we weren’t really paying attention to the whereabouts of the dog. Maisy took the opportunity to take off, up the shoreline a few kilometres, in effort to catch a loon. It took 15 minutes and a trip up the shoreline himself before Kyle was able to catch Maisy and bring her back to safety… I called her name a few times, but let’s be honest, I was far too distracted admiring my beautiful ring to effectively help. Oops. The entire event from start to finish was a perfect representation of our relationship: honest, heartfelt, hilarious, and so very spontaneous at times.

My family caught the important moment on a camera phone, and I am forever grateful that I have these photos to cherish and look fondly on for the rest of our lives together. After all of the excitement, and dog chasing, it was time to let our loved ones know our incredible news!


I want to send a warm and loving thank you to everyone who has wished us well, congratulated us and celebrated our love!

blushing bride.

Let me know what you think!

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